Hebei Donghua Jiheng Chemical Co.,Ltd is founded in 2005, and located in NO. 10,Jiheng Road, New Industrial Area of Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China. Her predecessor, Donghua Chemical is the initiator of  glycine researcher and manufacturer in China ,which is founded in 1979.
                The company owns 5 tech-grade glycine lines, and annual output is 90,000MT, Donghua Jiheng is confident that she is able to offer high quality glycine to customers at home and abroad. Her byproducts are ammonium chloride and organic compound fertilizer, with a respective annual output of 100,000MT. She starts her third phase project, focusing on the expansion of 60,000 tech grade glyicine production line. To be good recycle of down stream products, she constructs works of 20,000 MT of paraformaldehyde, 30,000MT epoxy chloropropane and 100,000MT epoxy resin.

            About Us

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