Amino—acid organic nitrogen fertilizer is top dietitian for crops especially for northern china crop which has 
            a strong need for amino elemerit At present in china low utilization of regular nitrogen fertilizer,such as urea ammonium bicarbonate and under the circumstance of soil severely deslroyed the new environment—protection product Just meet theneed

                The features:
                1 amino-acid chelate can raise nitrogen fertilizer effects and improve activity of nutrient elements in soil
                2 the organic substance of the product plays an function of organic fertilizer improving soil's physical and chemical property and upgrading soil's capacity of buffer and fertilizer—feeding
                3 the glycine of the product can improve crop quality with more starch and sugar content in it
                4 the amino element of the product can strengthen long effectivehess and slow—release effect after poly—peptide reinforcement,and make sure crop has enough nutrition,avoiding fertilizer waste off

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